Bonjourno from Italy!

Traveling through multiple countries with stopovers; chances are something will go wrong! But when it does is it really necessary to abuse and yell at a lost luggage person who only really speaks broken English about it when it was out of her control? Well a (unnamed nationality) lady thought so and in the process just embarrassed herself and her family. Seriously calm your titties and let them do their job!!
bec gondalas
After the drama of the previous days arrival in Venice, we woke up the next day in our hotel which we made aware of the missing luggage to a lady who said she had a friend at the airport who she had rang for us making sure it arrived on another plane that night and assured us it will be at the hotel early afternoon. So in the same clothes we wore the previous day we left the hotel to explore. With only one day here and with relatively low expectations due to some friends thoughts on the place. Has we walked outside there was a crack of lightning right in front of us, then we noticed all the shops bringing their displays inside. Then it happened it ‘Pissed Down’ we where left in old clothes and now drenched so we raced to a market stall and bought some cringe worthy tourist style ponchos with “I love Venice” on the back. What else could Bec and I do? We started to laugh and just said “Fuck it let’s just enjoy it while we can” So we proceeded to jump in puddles and walk through the rain while everyone was racing with umbrellas or taking cover.
bec puddle
Our travel agent gave us a tip saying “Venice is a Labyrinth so just walk out and turn left no right turns and you should do a big circle “ and it worked we made it back to the hotel after winding our way through the streets and canals feeling completely lost.
venice reflections
By this stage the sun was out we where drying off and our luggage had arrived, with thanks to the amazing hotel staff they even placed it on our bed for us. Now dried off and in fresh clothes we found ourselves in this amazing weather in front of a gondola driver, so we did we became the ultimate tourist jumped on one took (what I call Corny) picture of us kissing on one, well we are honeymooners so who cares it’s all fun and a great way to view the canals.

Some people warned us of the smell and said the place was dirty but we didn’t find that at all, in fact it was stunning a lot cleaner and nicer than Amsterdams canals. In saying this the gondola driver mentioned the tide changes six times a day exposing some of the algae covered walls and steps and in fairness that did bring a bit of a smell with it but nothing to complain about.
venice boat trail
After dinner and few drinks it happened! We came out and took a wrong turn, I thought I knew the direction to go but ended up at a random harbour, Red faced we asked a local where to go on the map and she politely turned the map around the correct way and pointed out we ended up on the opposite side of the island. With a few easy directions off to the maze we went but after a those few drinks the maze won again and the left turn trick failed with us ending up in laneways with only right turns throwing us out on the edge of the island, from then the decision was lets just walk around the long way!
venice sunset
Venice was a real surprise to us (having low expectation may have helped) but it was incredible little town to navigate around through the rain and the sun, you really do have to make the most of every moment.

A special mention goes to our hotel though the Al Nuovo Teson hotel they really went above and beyond with their service throughout the whole time there and I could recommend them enough.