About Us

Komocean Photography capturing the beauty of Western Australia and its pristine coastline.

High Quality

At Komocean Photography, we specialise in capturing Western Australia’s diverse landscapes, from the bustling cityscape of Perth Metro to the serene beauty of Rottnest Island, and the rugged charm of South West, North West, and Mid West regions.

We aren’t like the rest, we regularly book helicopters to produce the highest quality possible image for you.

With a passion for photography that spans a decade, Komocean Photography is the culmination of a journey marked by exploration, discovery, and a deep connection to the remarkable landscapes that define Western Australia.

Our prints are available in various sizes to suit your preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the urban landscapes of Perth, the tranquility of Rottnest, or the untamed beauty of the North West, our prints are a testament to the diverse and awe-inspiring scenery that our state has to offer.