Time to unwind and find the nearest beach! After checking into out hotel (La Rosa Dei Venti) this was the first thing we did once we changed into our bathers. Although you have to walk up around 300 steps to get back to the hotel, after the swim, it’s well worth it to get in the warm waters once you navigate the pebble beach.
fornillos beachPositano
This part of the trip was purely to relax and the atmosphere in Positano really helps with that. Apart from a day trip to Capri and the Blue Grotto, we mainly lounged at the beach and swam in the crystal clear water. One day we managed to find a private beach, through a small opening in a rock wall, saving ourselves the 10 euro each for a day bed.
umbrella coastpositano jetty
Capri itself is a tourist hotspot with not much to do. The island has a chairlift that gives you a view around the whole Amalfi Coast, in saying this it is beautiful but not worth hanging around. On the way to Capri our private boat stoped off at the Blue Grotto. The grotto itself is amazing but the experience of the getting in there is just hectic and rushed (as you can tell by the quality of the image below). Our rowboat driver was uninterested in the whole event and was more interested in pushing us for a tip. The other drivers seemed much friendlier, even singing while they rowed around the Grotto. For this day trip we went through Blue Star tours, if you want to do the same ask for Roberto’s boat the boys did an outstanding job all day.
Blue grotto splitpositano town split
If your planning on heading down the Amalfi Coast make sure you stay in Positano, it has been a massive highlight to our trip. Apart from a few stairs here and there it is easy to get around town and lose yourself in the stunning surroundings. While here though, make sure you “book a dinner at La Tagliata”, it’s a little family restaurant that charges a fixed price of 40 euro per head. They offer free transfers from your hotel, which is fantastic as its unlimited alcohol throughout the night. This is a non-traditional restaurant and they don’t actually have a menu! They simply serve up what they have grown fresh from their vege garden and whatever Mama is cooking up that day. You end up getting around 6 courses of food (Bec and I didn’t eat all day as preparation) and it is simply too much to eat but all so very tasty. They also have some live music which gets everyone involved and dancing at the end (the wine helps with this) even Mama herself comes up to introduce herself.

positano sunsetbec towel